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This hammer bubbler is a compact handheld bubbler with a curvy-colored stem that gives it a very sophisticated appearance. This bubbler is ergonomically designed for optimal smoking pleasure.

This handmade piece has been constructed from high-quality, heat-resistant, borosilicate glass, is equipped with an open-end downstem. The base of the bubbler is slightly angled, which prevents it from tipping over when place on a flat surface.

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To use this portable bubbler, simply load the bowl, place your lips on the mouthpiece and fire it up for a filtered hit that’s full of flavor! The bubbler is easy to clean and use, which makes it the perfect choice for smokers who want a quality bubbler for everyday use. It will last for years if maintained correctly.

The hammer herb bubbler is available in the following colors: black and green. Select the color of your preference in the dropdown menu when you place your order.

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